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Line drawn from centre perpendicular to chord bisects the chord (Hindi)

Anmol proves that if a radius in a circle is drawn so it bisects a chord, then the radius is also perpendicular to that chord. The proof uses SSS congruence.

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Video transcript

Chile is video mayhem circle or courts I related it proof connecting Jessica manly jakey hamari pass a circle him a Perico sheesh Quran he cools a circle Monica he Oscar Center hoga or malli - hey malli - hey yeah hey yeah hop it was sky he called him he called him up hominy proof Carnegie algorithm is called Kim midpoint when Holly Molly think he him at a point e yi a hemara point B what is a beacon midpoint kochiya hoppy kochiya hoppy hey ma am in commit point agar hum m KO is sentences intercept join curving to eat women in nahi surface Cabaye sector hoga Abeka bulky is cup perpendicular bisector P hokum at Lepke Yu jae-ha bangle milling a MV or a ma Yi ninety-degree hungry honey proof karna hey or amoebas dia que Hawaii - ma I become midpoint hey Nikki I am and beekeeper about him the pilot we have him licked a committee Akaka Hawaii given a my H is given him key circle circle with center Oh circle with center Oh a B is the chord a B is the chord such that such that am is equal to Mb km hemara might wanna come currently am a makeu rubber ho kia about me proof yeah karna had to prove I'm a a proof karna hai ki om is perpendicular to a beak is way maybe a perpendicular a yeehaw may prove karna I H lease improve car to him to subsidize atomic conquered a hey yaha Bahama congruence command Utley in America Yogi's could they kiss figure Cody key music sense Legree happy excited Oh gia you do Sara sahajiya alert you see we Teddy can see how me happy a course ID when I lit a hey all tqc Terry Casey in the record straight morality homemade dough triangles Matangi origami proof Candido no triangles congruent a top jock yummy be proof garden geek even get corresponding parts per hour hungee this way just say Y angle is angle kipper Abajo jaga silicon Kelly too many we bought do jihad cardi a be human epic shoot us a construction Carter eek chota saw construction kangi dismay hum center see is a or b co joint curving join Oh e and o b OE or Ruby come join car detai to e sm message on cardiothoracic surgeon cartier join hoga or is say honey it had ch1 Katia APPA mija pitbull triangle smell game what is triangles he has but he hey juju Oh a or OB yeah dono is Circle K radiuses okay kooky Omni Center say is point a good or this point P Co joke is circle P he like a ray who say John Key I too agree hamara are Kiba Robert Haga to EA be our camera but he ho I don't know Circle K radius only actually a bomb escape-proof ki taraf birthday escape-proof guitars do you have a meadow triangles they create triangle Oh a em or triangle Oh B M big think Iike a donut triangles congruent home game - it's May Oh 800 B Kappa Robert hey Oh a Jo hey whoa Oh BK per hour a reason K hey yoki both are radius radius of the circle don't know his circle k radius a twin key value RK per hour hoagie or don't know brother okay scale of am Jo hey vato MBK barber hey hey hey MJ hey whoa MBK barber hey cheese - Hama given it itches comedy Hewitt e km push history ka heke I mean commit point a this versus a opposition Barbara okay or t3 toh yeh jo hey om t srivijaya hey oh ma you toda oh he triangles my common any key om is equal - om keo keo Donaghy triangles kapoor dona mihi common to endo no triangles me s s s criteria key according to in dona triangles me s s s criteria key according s s s congruence criteria key according do know he triangles are pass me congruent ho gigantic a triangle a MJ what triangle OBM kick congruent ho jayega by sss criteria congruence criteria ab k jagger Ketuvim a sss hopko ik axiom key Roop me axiom a Pharisee a postulate Kelley postulate ke roop media ho sakta effort by jaga SSS up quick theorem ki tarah dia ho sakta theorem kita idea how psyched I don't know me for Kia hey the axiom or postulate action black shimmy up to exceed me a postulate unser each is a cobalt in mathematics me joking a monk HLT he was say he he hungee Jessica quid fundamental cheese engage in K basis p.m. baka sorry cheese approve currently the monkey chilling Akito cheese a hey yeh Hammadi axiom ho jayegi affair postulate or Changi jokey say he he hung a postulate or Changi do kiss a yogi up is axiom or postulate sky use Kirky hum theorem coupe theorems could prove cutting any command eg when it's axiom or this axiom case itís a ik doosra theorem a happy proof Kavya is theorem casaya is postulate casaya Ximena deucer theorem proof kardea is theorem or is theorem Cassata seminal piece right here improve Korea but is subculture cam Jody's proof car-buying Amara theorem oh jaga or a joke basic G see how me happy mountain joke ISA he hungee whoa Mary Axe II owe me a favor postulate karate up SSS [ __ ] a log axiom on t sk basis with different cry or congruence criterias proof Cartier or pelo uch theorem on tato - Oh Jackie is bad bit clear can be a Jackie are killin me Fergie hota hai looking care how opposite knee question PR thing I want you to prove khadiyah hey keya gonna triangles congruent a or a very congruent honky-tonky corresponding parts to opus member over he hung gay yun-hee a bumble sakte hain ki ye angle is angle Kiba Robert Haga Yanni key angle a mo voce angel' B M okay Baba Yaga or sati sati IBM Aida crikey angle a mo or angle B mo supplementary angle sake linear period form Quran cook combine Kathy Ajay Jana key Ski Valley ogre EXO key to a be exposure yet homeopathy cream or X plus X 180 degrees Kappa robbery Aniki agree excalibur a 2 X plus extra hey whoa 180 degrees kappa robber hey this enables a tanky to excavate have a 90 degree cab robber ho jayegi tepee jockey it is possible to yasiel need a clear yeah joe went ah whoa is a beaker perpendicular ho gaya Nakia grab center c ik radius Drucker to him a little crazy stalker TAS comma open educator of pure circle declared on the Wojo cord ko bisector gur Carter had to was a 90 degree P bisect Korea ageism a happy and Biglia him