CCSS Math: 6.G.A.3
Try five problems involving quadrilaterals on the coordinate plane.

Problem 1: Find coordinates of missing vertex

The coordinates of three of the vertices of rectangle ABCDABCD are A(2,1),B(5,1),A(2, 1), B(5, 1), and C(5,6)C(5, 6).
What are the coordinates of point DD?

Problem 2: Area of parallelogram on coordinate plane

Find the area of the parallelogram plotted below.

Problem 3: Dimensions of rectangle from coordinates

Rectangle ABCDABCD is graphed in the coordinate plane. The following are the vertices of the rectangle: A(7,1),B(5,1),A(7, 1), B(5, 1), C(5,6)C(5, 6), and D(7,6)D(7, 6).
Given these coordinates, what is the length of side ADAD of this rectangle?

Problem 4: Coordinates of rectangle

Sort the following expressions from least to greatest based on the coordinates of the rectangle below.
  • zz
  • xx
  • yy

Bonus problem: Parallelogram on the coordinate plane

You are graphing quadrilateral ABCDABCD in the coordinate plane. The length of segment ABAB is the same as the length of segment DCDC, and both segments are horizontal. The following are three vertices of the quadrilateral: A(1,1)A(1,1), C(4.5,4)C(4.5,4), and D(1.5,4)D(-1.5,4). All you know about point BB is that it is in the first quadrant.
What are the coordinates of point BB?