CCSS Math: 6.EE.B.7
Gain a deeper understanding of solving one-step equations by studying a correct and an incorrect example.
Solving one-step equations is all about using inverse operations on both sides of an equation to get the variable by itself. Answer the questions below to deepen your understanding of how to solve one-step equations.

Cam solved this problem correctly\text{\greenD{correctly}}:

Solve for xx:
3x=123x3=123x=4\qquad\begin{aligned} 3x&=12\\\\ \\ \dfrac{3x}3&=\dfrac{12}3&\\\\ \\ x&=4&\\\\ \end{aligned}
Why couldn't Cam just subtract 33 to get the xx by itself?
Choose 1 answer:
Choose 1 answer:

Brooke solved this problem incorrectly\text{\redD{incorrectly}}:

Solve for nn:
n+4=5n+4+4=5+4n=9\qquad\begin{aligned} n+4&=5\\\\ \\ n+4+4&=5 +4&\\\\ \\ n&=9&\\\\ \end{aligned}
Why is Brooke's work incorrect?
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Solve a problem on your own

Solve for kk:
k+4.2=5.9k + 4.2 = 5.9
k=k = \,