Triangle similarity

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This tutorial explains a similar (but not congruent) idea to congruency (if that last sentence made sense, you might not need this tutorial). Seriously, we'll take a rigorous look at similarity and think of some reasonable postulates for it. We'll then use these to prove some results and solve some problems. The fun must not stop!

Similar triangle basics

VIDEO 9:17 minutes
Introduction to what it means for triangles to be similar

Similarity postulates

VIDEO 12:14 minutes
Thinking about what we need to know to determine whether two triangles are similar

Similar triangles 1


Similar triangle example problems

VIDEO 9:23 minutes
Multiple examples looking for similarity of triangles

Similar triangles 2


Similarity example problems

VIDEO 7:37 minutes
Two example problems involving similarity

Solving similar triangles 1


Similarity example where same side plays different roles

VIDEO 6:05 minutes
The same side not corresponding to itself in two similar triangles

Solving similar triangles 2