Angle basics and measurement

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This tutorial will define what an angle is and help us think about how to measure them. If you're new to angles, this is a great place to start.

Angle basics

VIDEO 6:49 minutes
The naming of an angle is related to the line segments that create it. We'll also learn about the angle's vertex. Come on. Let's do this.

Measuring angles in degrees

VIDEO 8:22 minutes
Let's come up with an exact way to measure an angle using a protractor. We'll also learn about acute angles. Not to be confused with augly angles :)

Measuring angles using a protractor

VIDEO 3:25 minutes
Let's use our virtual protractor to measure some angles together, shall we?

More angle measurements using a protractor

VIDEO 4:05 minutes
We're practicing measuring angles using the virtual protractor. Do this a few times with us and you'll use a real protractor like a pro!

Measuring angles

Measure angles using a protractor.

Acute right and obtuse angles

VIDEO 5:32 minutes
We briefly discussed the types of angles in the last tutorial but we'll delve a little deeper into acute, obtuse, and right angles here.

Angle types

Determine if an angle is acute, right, or obtuse. A protractor is provided.

Angle measurement and circle arcs

VIDEO 7:37 minutes
Did you know that the measurement of an angle is related to the arc of a circle? Yes, indeed! Watch.