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Sal converts the degree measures 150° and -45° to radians. Created by Sal Khan and Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.
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We're asked to convert 150 degrees and -45 degrees to radians So lets think about the relationship between degrees and radians and to do that, let me just draw a little circle here so that's the center of the circle and then do my best shot to best attempt to draw a reasonable looking circle eh, thats not, i've done worse...i've done worse than that alright. Now if we were to go in degrees if we were to go one time around the circle like that. How many degrees is that? Well we know that, that would be 360 degrees. Well if we did the same thing, how many radians is that? If we were to go all the way around the circle. Well we just have to remember when we're measuring in terms of radians we're really talking about the arc that subtends that angle so if we go all the way around, you really talking about the arc length of the entire circle or essentially the