Worked examples: geometry

18 videos
Sal does the 80 problems from the released questions from the California Standards Test for Geometry. Basic understanding of Algebra I necessary.

Challenge problems: perimeter & area

VIDEO 8:13 minutes
Three example problems involving perimeter and area

Challenging perimeter problem

VIDEO 9:56 minutes
Perimeter of rectangle covered by 9 non-overlapping squares. From 2000 American Invitational Math Exam

CA Geometry: Deductive reasoning

VIDEO 10:17 minutes
1-3, deductive reasoning and congruent angles

CA Geometry: Proof by contradiction

VIDEO 11:56 minutes
4-6, proof by contradiction

CA Geometry: More proofs

VIDEO 12:12 minutes
7-10, more proofs (10 continued in next video)

CA Geometry: Similar triangles 1

VIDEO 12:55 minutes
10-14, similar triangles

CA Geometry: More on congruent and similar triangles

VIDEO 11:11 minutes
17-20, more similar and congruent triangles

CA Geometry: Triangles and parallelograms

VIDEO 11:14 minutes
21-25, triangles and parallelograms

CA Geometry: Area, pythagorean theorem

VIDEO 10:19 minutes
26-30, area, circumference, pythagorean theorem

CA Geometry: Area, circumference, volume

VIDEO 10:53 minutes
31-35, area, circumference and volume

CA Geometry: Pythagorean theorem, area

VIDEO 10:44 minutes
36-40, Pythagorean Theorem and Area

CA Geometry: Exterior angles

VIDEO 10:53 minutes
41-45, polygons, exterior angles

Missing angles (CA geometry)

VIDEO 10:58 minutes
46-50, deducing the measure of angles

CA Geometry: Pythagorean theorem, compass constructions

VIDEO 12:35 minutes
51-55, Pythagorean Theorem, compass constructions

CA Geometry: Compass construction

VIDEO 12:49 minutes
56-60, compass construction, coordinates

CA Geometry: Basic trigonometry

VIDEO 11:04 minutes
61-65, basic trigonometry

CA Geometry: More trig

VIDEO 12:21 minutes
66-70, more trigonometry

CA Geometry: Circle area chords tangent

VIDEO 10:06 minutes
71-75, area, chords, tangents of circles