Problem solving with distance on the coordinate plane

2 videos
3 skills
Use what you know about distance to solve problems on the coordinate plan like finding the perimeter of a shape or determining if a point is on a circle.

Find area and perimeter on the coordinate plane

Find the area or perimeter of shapes like triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, and hexagons on the coordinate plane.

Points inside, on, or outside of a circle

Given the center and radius of a circle, determine if a point is inside of the circle, on the circle, or outside of the circle

Challenge problem: Points on two circles

VIDEO 10:21 minutes
Watch Sal solve a challenging problem where he has to determine if points are on both, one, or neither of two circles.

Example: Coordinate plane word problems with polygons

VIDEO 5:52 minutes
Watch Sal solve an example where has to determine which of the Minions a wizard can reach using the coordinate plane.

Coordinate plane word problems with polygons

Solve all sorts of word problems with crazy contexts that use polygons on the coordinate plane.