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Determining translations (old)

An older video of Sal determining what translation was performed on a shape to result in another shape. Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

PROBLEM: What was the translation applied to move the blue solid shape to the orange dashed shape? So if you were to start with this blue solid shape, and you wanted to shift it to where the orange dotted shape is, how would you do that? And the way that I like to think about it is to just pick a point, and see what had to happen to that point. So this point at the top of this – I guess – this quadrilateral-looking thing, it moved down here. So it moved one to the left. And it moved one down. So we can denote that with a transformation. Moving one to the left is negative one (-1) in the horizontal direction. If we were moving to the right, it would have been a positive one (+1). And we moved one down, in the vertical direction. And that is another negative one (-1).