Negative numbers and coordinate plane

Extending our understanding of numbers below 0. Thinking about "absolute" distance from 0. We will also look at all 4 quadrants on the coordinate plane.
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What are negative numbers? When do we use them? Where do we find them on the number line? Let's learn what happens in the world below zero!

We all know that 6 is bigger than 4, but is -6 bigger than -4? This tutorial is designed to help you compare negative numbers.

Opposite numbers are the same distance from 0 on opposite sides of the number line. A number opposite is sometimes called an additive inverse.

You'll find absolute value absolutely straightforward--it is just the "distance from zero". If you have a positive number, it is its own absolute value. If you have a negative number, just make it positive to get the absolute value. As you see as you develop mathematically, this idea will eventually extended to more contexts and dimensions, so super important that you understand this core concept now. Common Core Standards: 6.NS.C.7, 6.NS.C.7c, 6.NS.C.7d

Learn how to add negative numbers. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be solving problems like 4 + (-7) with ease!

Add and subtract negative numbers using a number line. It's the 7th grade mathematics shuffle: "Slide to the left for a negative value, and slide to the right for a positive value." Be careful, though. Which way do you move if you are subtracting a negative number? The answer awaits!