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How to expand an expressions using the distributive property

Video transcript
We're asked to use the distributive property to expand this expression. So let me get my little scratch pad out. So this is the same question right over here. So we're going to multiply 6 times this entire quantity. So let me just rewrite this as 6 times negative 4w plus one half. So we're going to distribute the 6. So this is going to be 6 times negative 4w times 6, plus 6 times one half, so this is going to be-- let me just write it this way-- 6 times negative 4w plus 6 times one half. And this is going to be equal to 6 times negative 4w is negative 24w, and then 6 times one half is 3. So we get negative 24w plus 3. So let me write that down. Negative 24w plus 3. And let's check our answer.