Early math

Math begins with counting. It's the most important skill we learn in our early years, and it becomes the foundation for all other math concepts. Once we can count, we can add, subtract, and measure the world around us. Shortly thereafter, we learn about place values, graphs, time, money, and shapes.
Community Questions


Learn how to count. Say how many objects you see.

Addition and subtraction intro

Learn the basics of adding and subtracting.

Place value (tens and hundreds)

Learn about tens and hundreds. Compare 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.

Addition and subtraction within 20

Learn to add and subtract numbers that are 20 or less.

Addition and subtraction within 100

Learn to add and subtract two-digit numbers within 100.

Addition and subtraction within 1000

Learn to add and subtract two- and three-digit numbers within 1000.

Measurement and data

Learn how to measure length, tell time, count money, and make graphs.


Learn about triangles, circles, rectangles, and other shapes.