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so we have three different shapes we have stars we have squares and we have triangles and we have a different number of each shape so we have five stars we have three squares and we have six triangles you don't see them all here this is just telling us how many of each of these shapes we have so if we have five stars three squares and six triangles how many total shapes do we have well you're probably saying maybe I should add these numbers because I'm trying to find the total number of shapes and if you said that I would say you are right so let's add those numbers so we want to add we want to add five plus three plus three plus six plus six so what is this going to be well what's five plus three five triangles plus three squares well five plus three is eight so this is going to be eight and then we still have to add six so we're still going to add six now what's eight plus six well you may or may not know this and if you don't know this it's well you could count things out if you like but it is a good thing to know just off of the top of your head so if you don't know it yet put this in your brain 8 plus 6 is 14 8 plus 6 is equal to 14 so 5 plus 3 plus 6 is also equal to 14 now one question you might have is well does it matter the order that I do this in well let's try it the other way around let's write it again let's write 5 plus 3 plus 3 plus 6 plus 6 instead of adding the 5 in the 3 first let's have the 3 and the 6 first so what is 3 plus 6 well that's going to be 9 and we're going to have 5 plus 9 5 plus 9 well once again if you know that you'll know it's 14 if you don't know that that's another good thing to put in your brain and just to know 5 plus 9 is equal to 14 if you don't know that and you don't believe me take some pebbles out and have five pebbles and then nine more and then you'll you'll see that when you add them together you get to 14 but this is just a good thing for you to know in your brain and you can dump the other way around you could have added five and six first and you get on eleven plus three would have also been 14 either way you have 14 total shapes