Power rule

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Calculus is about to seem strangely straight forward. You've spent some time using the definition of a derivative to find the slope at a point. In this tutorial, we'll derive and apply the derivative for any term in a polynomial. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have the power to take the derivative of any polynomial like it's second nature!

Power rule

VIDEO 3:54 minutes

Power rule (basic)

Get started using the power rule for derivatives!

Power rule (advanced)


Proof: d/dx(x^n)

VIDEO 7:03 minutes
Proof that d/dx(x^n) = n*x^(n-1)

Proof: d/dx(sqrt(x))

VIDEO 5:07 minutes
Proof that d/dx (x^.5) = .5x^(-.5)

Power rule introduction (old)

VIDEO 9:50 minutes
Determining the derivatives of simple polynomials.