Squeeze theorem

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If a function is always smaller than one function and always greater than another (i.e. it is always between them), then if the upper and lower function converge to a limit at a point, then so does the one in between. Not only is this useful for proving certain tricky limits (we use it to prove lim (x → 0) of (sin x)/x, but it is a useful metaphor to use in life (seriously). :) This tutorial is useful but optional. It is covered in most calculus courses, but it is not necessary to progress on to the "Introduction to derivatives" tutorial.

Squeeze theorem


Squeeze theorem (sandwich theorem)

VIDEO 7:37 minutes
Intuition (but not a proof) of the Squeeze Theorem.

Proof: lim (sin x)/x

VIDEO 18:05 minutes
Using the squeeze theorem to prove that the limit as x approaches 0 of (sin x)/x =1