Old limits tutorial

6 videos
This tutorial covers much of the same material as the "Limits" tutorial, but does it with Sal's original "old school" videos. The sound, resolution or handwriting isn't as good, but some people find them more charming.

Limits intuition

VIDEO 7:37 minutes
Introduction to the intuition behind limits

Limit examples (part 1)

VIDEO 8:56 minutes
Some limit exercises

Limit examples (part 2)

VIDEO 6:57 minutes
More limit examples

Limit examples (part 3)

VIDEO 9:58 minutes
More limit examples

Limit examples w/ brain malfunction on first prob (part 4)

VIDEO 15:02 minutes
3 interesting limit examples (correct answer for problem 1 is 3/16 (6/(4*8) NOT 6/(4+8))

More limits

VIDEO 13:09 minutes
More limit examples