Epsilon delta definition of limits

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This tutorial introduces a "formal" definition of limits. So put on your ball gown and/or tuxedo to party with Mr. Epsilon Delta (no, this is not referring to a fraternity). This tends to be covered early in a traditional calculus class (right after basic limits), but we have mixed feelings about that. It is cool and rigorous, but also very "mathy" (as most rigorous things are). Don't fret if you have trouble with it the first time. If you have a basic conceptual understanding of what limits are (from the "Limits" tutorial), you're ready to start thinking about taking derivatives.

Limit intuition review

VIDEO 3:36 minutes

Epsilon-delta limit definition 1

VIDEO 12:48 minutes
Introduction to the Epsilon Delta Definition of a Limit.

Epsilon-delta limit definition 2

VIDEO 10:56 minutes
Using the epsilon delta definition to prove a limit