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Creativity break: How do you apply creativity in algebra

Experts share how we can apply creativity in algebra, mathematics, and problem solving. Created by Khan Academy.

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Video transcript

(gentle music) - So if you're trying to communicate a complex topic, such as mathematics or a mathematical problem to the general public, who might not be familiar with the specifics behind that problem, there are many different ways to help you get that concept across. And one of the ways that we do this in mathematical is to use videos and things that are visually appealing to people. So by using lots of visual aids, so bright colors and cartoons, and word prompts on your screen, you can engage and capture the audience in different ways that you might not be able to do if you're just speaking in terms of equations and mathematics. - When we're more creative about how we present and how we talk about math it makes it more relatable to people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and experiences. When we are creative in how we explain or how we relate mathematical concepts, we can use things from sports, entertainment, or real world to help really ground the principles that we're learning and the theories that we're learning to something relatable. So the more creative we can be in explaining how math is related to the world around us, how it's related to things that we are invested in, the more likely it is to resonate with the people around us. - As soon as a problem is posed our instinct is to find the solution. But remember, often there's more than one solution and usually there's more than one path to it. (gentle music)