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there are 461 homes in the part of town where Samir lives he counted that 352 of those homes are apartments how many of the homes are not apartments so like always pause this video and see if you can work through it on your own alright now let's do this together so we're starting with 461 homes so we have 461 and we want to know how many are not apartments so we want to do is take out the number that are apartments and they tell us that 352 of those homes are apartments so we'll take out the number that are apartments and what we will left it with is going to be the number that are not apartments so we really just have to evaluate 461 - 350 - and as we've talked about in other videos there's many techniques for doing this we could break apart 352 into the various place values so we could say that this is the same thing as 461 - I'm just in different colors - 3 hundreds or 300 - five tens or 50 and then minus 2 and then minus 2 right over there and then you might be able to figure out that 461 minus 300 that that is going to be I'm just taking 3 hundredths from this so that's going to be 161 and then if I subtract 50 from that well what's 61 minus 50 well that would be 11 so 161 minus 50 would be 111 or another way of thinking about it is if you take these five tens away from the six tens you'll be left with 110 so that would be 100 110 and one one so you have 111 and then you want to subtract that to last but not least and 11 minus 2 would be 9 so 111 minus 2 would be equal to 109 but I mentioned there's many other ways that you might try to approach something like this you could say hey maybe it's easier to subtract 50 or 350 I should say then 3 fifty-two and so you could subtract two from both of these numbers so if you subtract two from 461 if you subtract one you get two 460 you subtract two you get two 459 459 - you subtract two from this you get two 350 and this is all about the idea that the difference doesn't change as long as you add or subtract the same number to both and so here we might say that for hundreds - three hundreds is 100 and then 59 minus 50 is nine so we would get the same result the thing to appreciate is that this is all about subtracting 352 from 461 and that there's multiple ways of calculating this