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we're told the table gives the amounts of materials I are recycled so we have the different materials here and then it gives the various amounts how many kilograms of paper and aluminum did aya recycle so pause this video and see if you can figure this out okay so we were thinking about paper and aluminum so paper is right over here she recycled 277 kilograms of paper and aluminum is right over here she recycled 134 kilograms of aluminum and so we want the combination or the sum of paper and aluminum so it's going to be two hundred seventy seven kilograms plus 134 kilograms so we really need to figure out what 277 plus 134 is and in multiple videos we have talked about how there's many different ways of approaching this we could say well let's just break up the 134 we could start at actually let me do this on a number line that sometimes is a fun thing to do so if we were to just say this is our number line and we're going to start at 277 right over there so first we could add a hundred because we have 100 right over there so let's do that if we add a hundred so plus 100 where does it get us well if we add a hundred-year we get to 377 so 300 and I'll just write 77 and then we could add three tens or thirty so then we're going to add thirty so let's add thirty so plus thirty what does that get us so this is interesting if you add 30 to 370 you would get to 400 and then we have another seven there so that gets us to 407 so then we get to 407 and once again this is just one way to try to think about it and then last but not least we could add the four so then you say we're there right now and then we add plus 4 & 7 plus 4 is 11 so 407 plus 4 is 411 so how many kilograms of paper and aluminum did I recycle would be 411 kilograms Killough kilograms and we're done