CCSS Math: 3.MD.B.3
Interpret picture graphs (pictographs) to answer single-step questions about a context.

Reading picture graphs

Picture graphs use pictures or symbols to represent data. Let's look at the picture graph below.
Hopper the rabbit and her friends are collecting carrots. They made a picture graph to show how many carrots each of them collected.
represents 3\greenD3 carrots collected by the rabbits. Since Hopper has 4\blueD4
above her name in the picture graph, we can multiply to find out how many carrots she collected.
4×3=12\blueD4 \times \greenD3 = 12
Hopper collected 1212 carrots.
We can follow the same steps to find how many carrots each of Hopper's friends collected.
Practice Problem 1
How many carrots did Floppy collect?
Choose 1 answer:
Choose 1 answer:

Example 11: Flowers

John graphed the number of flowers he planted in his garden.
Practice Problem 2A
How many total flowers did John plant?
Practice Problem 2B
How many more lilies did John plant than roses?
more lilies.
Practice Problem 2C
John planted the same amount of which two flowers?
Choose all answers that apply:
Choose all answers that apply:

Example 22: Boat captains

Four boat captains, Ron, Dora, Jess, and Mark made a graph of the number of whales they saw while at sea last month.
Practice Problem 3A
Dora saw
fewer whales than Mark.
Practice Problem 3B
Which captain(s) saw more than 1010 whales?
Choose all answers that apply:
Choose all answers that apply:

Example 3: Creating a picture graph then reading it

Alyssa counts sheep to help her go to sleep. She made a table of how many sheep she counted over the past four days.
DayNumber of sheep counted
Practice Problem 4A
Use the table to create a picture graph. Click above each category to insert the correct number of
Now that we have created our picture graph, let's answer some questions.
Practice Problem 4B
Alyssa counted
fewer sheep on Tuesday than on Monday.
Practice Problem 4C

Challenge question

How many more sheep did Alyssa count on Monday and Tuesday combined than on Wednesday?
more sheep