3rd grade (U.S.)

We know you've been rocking through 2nd grade adding and subtracting all kinds of whole numbers (up to 2 digits, right?). That's awesome! In 3rd grade math we want you to start using bigger numbers and start multiplying and dividing, too. By the way, did you know that some numbers aren’t actually “whole?” They’re “partially whole.” We call them fractions! We want you to start playing around and having fun with those, too. There's also area, perimeter, and place value to be discovered. Whew. We have so much to do and can't wait to do it with you. Let's go!
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Expressions and patterns

We'll cover a few odds and ends here. In particular, you'll see whether order matters when you multiply and divide. We'll also explore some mathematical patterns.
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Properties of multiplication

Let's learn about some properties of multiplication. Some people give fancy names to these properties—commutative property, the associative property, and the distributive property—but really these properties are just common sense if you thi

Odds and evens

See how even numbers are multiples of 2.

Patterns in arithmetic

Math is full of patterns that will keep emerging as you explore it (this is what makes math so beautiful). We begin to just scratch the surface in this tutorial! Common Core Standards: 3.OA.B.5, 3.OA.D.9