Percent word problems

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You paid $5.00 for some tanning lotion (do people still buy tanning lotion?) after a 35% discount. You want to know the full price so you can pat yourself on the back for how good of a deal you got. In this tutorial, we'll practice organizing the given information and constructing basic algebraic equations to tackle fascinating, and real-life, percentage problems. These are fun and we'll explain every step along the way!

Percent word problem example 1

VIDEO 6:18 minutes
We're putting a little algebra to work to find the full price when you know the discount price in this percent word problem.

Percent word problem example 2

VIDEO 2:49 minutes
It's nice to practice conversion problems, but how about applying our new knowledge of percentages to a real life problem like recycling? Hint: don't forget your long division!

Percent word problem example 3

VIDEO 3:29 minutes
You're given the percent in this example and asked to find the whole number represented by the percent.

Percent word problem example 4

VIDEO 4:37 minutes
This word problem is expressed simply which can be confusing to some. Take your time and focus on the what is being asked for.

Percent word problem example 5

VIDEO 5:26 minutes
In this example, you working with us to find the number that is expressed as a given percentage.We'll create a simple algebraic equation to solve!

Percentage word problems 1