Unit conversion

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Math is fun and math is useful, Sometimes it's fun AND useful! Learning how to convert units of measure is one of those skills that once mastered, you'll enjoy teaching your friends. We'll deal with inches, feet, yards, miles, ounces, pounds, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, and more! Common Core Standard: 6.RP.A.3d

Converting pounds to ounces

VIDEO 1:34 minutes
We can't tell you how many times in your life you will stare at a recipe and then need to use this skill. Trust us. Let's convert pounds to ounces!

Unit conversion: gallons to quarts, pints, and cups

VIDEO 5:17 minutes
What's the difference between gallons, quarts, pints, and cups? Soooo many people go their entire lives without knowing how to convert one unit of measure to another. Take note.

Converting yards into inches

VIDEO 5:49 minutes
Converting units of measure is a skill you'll encounter many times over in everyday life. In this example, we'll look at yards, feet, and inches.



Unit conversion word problem: roadtrip

VIDEO 3:47 minutes
The challenge in a word problem sometimes is knowing which numbers to choose when creating a simple equation. In this unit conversion word problem we'll answer the common question: "How much will a road trip cost me in gas?"

Multi-step unit conversion word problem

VIDEO 4:13 minutes
The fate of a squirrel is in your hands as it tries to run across the road before a car reaches it. Use what you know about unit conversion to help solve this word problem.

Unit measurement word problem: running laps (US customary)

VIDEO 8:04 minutes
Remember that it's always easier to convert everything to like units before tackling a unit conversion word problem. That way your comparing apples to apples. Go for it...we'll explain as we work through it!

Unit conversion word problem: drug dosage

VIDEO 10:44 minutes
Future doctors and nurses out there, take note. This unit conversion word problem deals with converting drug dosage units, something that is commonly done in hospitals. Give it a try with us.

Unit conversion word problem: yards to inches

VIDEO 5:48 minutes
In this example, we need to convert from yards to inches. We'll do it a couple of ways.