Introduction to rates

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Rates, such as kilometers per hour, help us solve all sorts of important and interesting problems.

Introduction to rates

VIDEO 5:30 minutes
Learn how rates and how they're related to ratios.

Solving unit rates problem

VIDEO 2:31 minutes
Finding a unit rate is a skill often required in real life. How fast is that plane flying? How many lawns can you mow in an afternoon? You see, with our knowledge of ratios and fractions, we can now solve unit rates problems like this.

Solving unit price problem

VIDEO 2:01 minutes
Let's start by thinking about what percent really means. Once you understand this, other pieces will begin to fall into place.

Basic rate problems

Practice solving rate problems.

Practice computing and comparing rates

VIDEO 3:13 minutes
Learn how to solve practice problems where you compute and compare rates.

Comparing rates

Practice computing and comparing rates.