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Finding the point not graphed

CCSS.Math: ,

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consider the following coordinate pairs and they give us a bunch right over here which of the those pairs is not graphed below so let's see 3 comma negative 2 so 3 comma negative 2 well actually that looks like that first one is not graphed so 3 comma negative 2 is in grafton you can verify that all of these others do seem to be graphed 4 comma negative 8 is right there negative 8 comma 3 is right over here 4 comma 6 4 comma 6 is right there and negative 1 comma 0 is right there so let's do a couple more of these so is negative 5 comma 0 graphed yep it's right over there negative 4 comma positive 5 should be there so that's not graphed so just select that one let's do one more of these negative 8 comma 4 so negative 8 comma 4 we got lucky the first one is not graphed negative 8 comma 4 and we're done