Absolute value

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You'll find absolute value absolutely straightforward--it is just the "distance from zero". If you have a positive number, it is its own absolute value. If you have a negative number, just make it positive to get the absolute value. As you see as you develop mathematically, this idea will eventually extended to more contexts and dimensions, so super important that you understand this core concept now. Common Core Standards: 6.NS.C.7, 6.NS.C.7c, 6.NS.C.7d

Absolute value examples

VIDEO 2:22 minutes
Sal finds the absolute value of 5, -10, and 12.

Finding absolute values

Practice finding the absolute value of a number, like -4 or 3.

Comparing absolute values

VIDEO 4:07 minutes
Sal compares absolute value like | -9 | and | -7 |.

Comparing absolute values

Write an inequality to compare absolute values.

Placing absolute values on the number line

VIDEO 2:17 minutes
Sal places | - 27 |, -17, -28, and 22.4 on the number line.

Comparing absolute values on the number line

VIDEO 3:56 minutes
Given, a, b, and c on the number line, Sal determines if statements like | a | < | c | are true.

Testing solutions to absolute value inequalities

VIDEO 5:55 minutes
Sal determines if values of x are solutions to an absolute value inequality. For example, does x = -5 satisfy | x | > 5?

Comparing absolute values challenge

Practice more challenging comparison problems with absolute value.

Interpreting absolute value

VIDEO 3:46 minutes
Given that Jenna's weight changed -3 lbs, Sarah's changed 2.5 lbs, and Bill's changed 4 lbs, who lost the most weight? Who had the largest change in weight?

Interpreting absolute value