Polygons in the coordinate plane

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We've learned about polygons and have explored all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. Now, let's combine those skills to draw, measure, and solve problems with parallelograms and quadrilaterals in the coordinate plane. Common Core Standards: CC.6.G.A.3

Parallelogram on the coordinate plane

VIDEO 5:17 minutes
Remember our discussion of the coordinate plane? Sure you do! Let's graph the given coordinates of three of the polygon vertices, and find where the 4th vertex is.

Quadrilateral on the coordinate plane

VIDEO 1:32 minutes
In this example we are given the coordinates of the vertices and asked to construct the resulting polygon (specifically a quadrilateral). This is fun!

Drawing polygons


Drawing polygons 2


Rectangles on the coordinate plane

Practice solving problems about shapes where the vertices of the shapes are points on the coordinate plane.