Properties of numbers

Learn how to find the least common multiple (LCM) and greatest common factor (GCF).
3 exercises available

Learn the basic properties of addition and multiplication.

Learn about the difference between the set of whole numbers and integers.

Life is good, but it can always get better. Just imagine being able to find the smallest number that is a multiple of two other numbers! It's called the LCM or Least Common Multiple. Other than making your life more fulfilling, lcm will allow you to do incredible things like adding fractions. Common Core Standard: 6.NS.B.4

You know how to find factors of a number, but what about factors that are common to two numbers? Even better, imagine the largest factors that are common to two numbers. These are called the greatest common factors (GCF) or sometimes greatest common divisors (GCD). Yay, acronyms! Too exciting! Common Core Standard: 6.NS.B.4