Equations for beginners

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Like previous tutorials in this topic, we'll introduce you to the most fundamental ideas of what equations mean and how to solve them. We'll then do a bunch of examples to make sure you're comfortable with things like 3x – 7 = 8. So relax, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and be on your way to becoming an algebra rockstar. And, by the way, in any of the "example" videos, try to solve the problem on your own before seeing how Sal does it. It makes the learning better! Common Core Standard: 6.EE.B.7

Simple equations of the form ax = b

VIDEO 11:06 minutes
Let's ease into this, shall we? Here's an introduction to basic algebraic equations of the form ax=b. Remember that you can check to see if you have the right answer by substituting it for the variable!

Simple equations of the form x/a = b

VIDEO 2:23 minutes
Remember that what you do to one side, you have to do to the other. Will you multiply or divide both sides to dump the fraction, x/a? Let's do it together.

One-step equations with multiplication

Solve equations in one step.

Simple equations of the form x + a = b

VIDEO 1:54 minutes
Here's another one-step equation to solve. Unlike the previous two that involved multiplication and division, this one adds a number to the variable. Which operation is opposite of addition?

Simple equations: examples solving a variety of forms

VIDEO 12:30 minutes
Some quick examples to practice solving a variety of one step equations. All 4 operations (add, subtract, multiple, divide) are paired with variables.

One-step equations with addition and subtraction

Solve equations in one step.