Super Yoga Plans

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Let's use our algebra tools to solve a problem of earth-shattering importance: which Super Yoga plan is the best value! In this word problem, you'll put to practice your knowledge of variables, substitution, and one-step equations.

Variables and equations word problem: Putting them to work for Super Yoga

VIDEO 7:19 minutes
Using information from the Super Yoga word problem, explore all the possible combinations and create equations which express the possibilities. Let's figure out which plan is best!

Variables and equations word problem: Which Super Yoga plan is best?

VIDEO 7:40 minutes
If you're coming to this video before seeing the previous one, back up! Otherwise, we're solving one-step equations to learn which Super Plan is the best value for our budget.

Constructing basic equations (word problems)

Practice writing basic equations to model real-world situations. (All equations in these problems are linear.)