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Algebraic inequalities (inequalities with variables) are useful for describing real-world situations. Learn how to write inequalities and graph them on the number line.

How to test solutions to inequalities

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
A solution to an inequality makes that inequality true. Learn how to test if a certain value of a variable makes an inequality true.

Testing solutions of inequalities

Practice plugging in values to inequalities and checking to see if the inequalities hold true.

How to plot inequalities on a number line

VIDEO 6:14 minutes
Learn how to graph an inequality on a number line to indicate which values make it true.

Example of plotting a simple inequality on a number line

VIDEO 1:34 minutes
Learn how to plot a simple inequality on a number line. The example used in this video is x < 4.

Inequalities on a number line

Practice writing equations of inequalities graphed on number lines. Identify number line graphs of inequalities.

How to describe real-world situations with inequalities

VIDEO 2:54 minutes
Learn how to write inequalities to model real-world situation.

Writing inequalities to describe real-world situations

Practice writing inequalities with variables to describe real-world situations.