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You've heard of "greater than" and "less than", right? Terrific! First we'll express inequalities on a number line and then write them using information in word problems.

Testing solutions of inequalities

Practice telling whether or not a value solves an inequality.

Inequalities: plotting on a number line

VIDEO 6:14 minutes
We've been taking a lot of equalities. What about when the relationships between numbers need to be expressed as inequalities? For example, less/greater than and/or equal to? How can we represent that idea on a number line?

A simple inequality: plotting on a number line

VIDEO 1:34 minutes
We're plotting a simple inequality on a number line in this example.

Inequalities on a number line

Practice writing equations of inequalities graphed on number lines. Identify number line graphs of inequalities.

Writing inequalities to describe real-world situations

Practice writing inequalities with variables to describe real-world situations.