Dividing decimals

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You have already been exposed to dividing decimals in the 5th grade. In this group of videos we'll tackle those pesky decimals in the hundredths place, both in the divisor and the dividend. We'll make sure that you're a pro at it!

Dividing decimals with hundredths

VIDEO 4:37 minutes
Decimal divisors in the hundredths place can be a little confusing. In this video we'll show you how to move the decimal and make it a whole number. Pretty nifty! Watch.

Dividing by a multi-digit decimal

VIDEO 5:32 minutes
Let's do one more decimal division problem together but change it up. This is one with a decimal divisor and will require you to shift the decimal first.

Dividing decimals with hundredths example 3

VIDEO 9:27 minutes
The old saying is "practice makes perfect." Let's keep practicing dividing decimals and making our divisor a whole number.

Dividing decimals 4