Adding and subtracting decimals

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Honestly, once you remember one very important rule, the rest of adding and subtracting decimals is a snap. That rule is to be sure and align your decimals first. In this tutorial, you'll get a chance to practice this with us and become fluent adding and subtracting decimals. Common Core Standard: 6.NS.B.3

Adding decimals: example 1

VIDEO 2:40 minutes
Line those decimals up first. Careful!

Adding decimals: example 2

VIDEO 1:46 minutes
Let's practice another adding decimal problem. We'll do it together.

Adding decimals: example 3

VIDEO 2:45 minutes
We're adding 3 decimal numbers together in this example. Give it a try!

Adding decimals 2

Add two numbers that are written to the tenths, hundredths, or thousandths place.

Subtracting decimals example 1

VIDEO 2:08 minutes
Just like when add, be sure you align decimals before subtracting.

Subtracting decimals example 2

VIDEO 2:06 minutes
In this example where we subtract decimals we do so up to the thousandths place. It's a little tricky, but not if we do it together.

Subtracting decimals 2


Adding decimals word problem

VIDEO 1:33 minutes
Here's a simple word problem asking us to put our adding decimals skill to work. We sound like a broken record, but be sure and ALIGN DECIMALS.

Adding and subtracting decimals word problem

VIDEO 2:19 minutes
Let's get fancy and practice adding and subtracting decimals in the same word problem.