Manipulating expressions

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Using the combined powers of Chuck Norris and polar bears (which are much less powerful than Mr. Norris) to better understand what expressions represent and how we can manipulate them. Our new skills will include using order of operations, combining like terms, and using the distributive property. Great tutorial if you want to understand that expressions are just a way to express things! Common Core Standard: 7.EE.A.1

Combining like terms

VIDEO 4:33 minutes
In simple addition we learned to add all the numbers together to get a sum. In algebra, numbers are sometimes attached to variables and we need to make sure that the variables are alike before we add the numbers.

Adding expressions

VIDEO 1:14 minutes
So what if we add not just numbers or variables..but expressions? Here's a simple example to get you thinking about this.

Combining like terms explained

VIDEO 3:06 minutes
Another good explanation (minus Chuck Norris) on the how we combine like terms in algebra. This will totally make sense.

Combining like terms example 2

VIDEO 3:43 minutes
We're going to simplify this expression together putting to use our new knowledge of how to combine like terms. Ok? Let's do it!

Combining like terms, but more complicated

VIDEO 4:39 minutes
This example of combining like terms in an expression get a little hairy. Listen closely.

Combining like terms with negative coefficients

Simplify algebraic expressions by combining like terms. Coefficients on some terms are negative.

Combining like terms and the distributive property

VIDEO 4:07 minutes
We've learned about order of operations and combining like terms. Let's layer the distributive property on top of this.

Combining like terms with distribution

Combine like terms with positive and negative numbers using distribution

Applying the distributive property

VIDEO 1:05 minutes
In this example we are asked to expand an expression using the distributive property. Practice this one with us.