Linear inequalities

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Not everything in the world is equal, and it's true of equations, too! A linear inequality is like a linear expression, only it has an inequality sign in it. Their solutions are often graphed. In this group of tutorials we'll explain everything you need to know about solving linear inequalities, including the trick of multiplying and dividing by negative numbers to solve them. Common Core Standard: 7.EE.B.4b

Multiplying and dividing with inequalities

VIDEO 10:27 minutes
Our discussion of linear inequalities begins with multiplying and dividing by negative numbers. Listen closely for the word "swap." Super important!

Multiplying and dividing with inequalities example

VIDEO 2:54 minutes
In addition to solving the inequality, we'll graph the solution. Remember to swap if you mutiply both sides of the inequality by a negative number.

Constructing and solving a one-step inequality

VIDEO 2:09 minutes
Inequalities are more than abstract concepts and exercises. They help solve real life problems. Here's an example.

One-step inequalities

Solve inequalities in one step.

Two-step inequalities

Solve 2-step inequalities like 3x + 2 > 5.

Solving a two-step inequality

VIDEO 4:32 minutes
We're turning up the heat a little and asking you to help us solve a multi-step inequality problem.

Constructing and solving a two-step inequality

VIDEO 6:39 minutes
We'll talk you through this fun and challenging inequality problem.

Constructing and solving a multi-step inequality example

VIDEO 6:40 minutes
Here's an opportunity for you to follow along with us as we interpret, construct, and solve a word problem inequality. It will be fun!

Constructing, solving two-step inequality example

VIDEO 2:01 minutes
Let's tackle this word problem together. We'll interpret the information and then construct a linear inequality to solve it.

Interpreting and solving linear inequalities

Constructing, interpreting, and solving linear equations based on context.