Identifying proportional relationships

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Learn how to tell whether two quantities are proportional by thinking about equivalent ratios and drawing graphs.

Introduction to proportional relationships

VIDEO 3:50 minutes
The relationship between two variables is proportional if

Proportionality between side length and perimeter

VIDEO 2:39 minutes
Is the perimeter of a square proportional to the side length of the square?

Testing whether area is proportional to side length

VIDEO 3:46 minutes
Is the volume of a square proportional to the side length of the square?

Identifying a proportional relationship from a table (example)

VIDEO 1:03 minutes
Given a table of ratios, watch as we test them for equivalence and determine whether the relationship is proportional.

Movie ticket proportionality

VIDEO 1:46 minutes
When going to the movies, is the price you pay proportional to the number of tickets you buy?

Banana proportionality

VIDEO 2:57 minutes
A proportionality problem about eating bananas

Identifying proportional relationships

Practice telling whether or not the relationship between two quantities is proportional by reasoning about equivalent ratios.