Exponents with negative bases

6 videos
3 skills
Evaluate exponential expressions with negative bases, use odd and even rules to determine the sign of an exponential expression, and learn about powers of 1 and 0.

Exponents with negative bases

VIDEO 4:30 minutes
Apply what we know about negative numbers to determine how negative bases with exponents are affected and what patterns develop. Also learn how order of operations affect the pattern.

Raising a number to the 0 and 1st power

VIDEO 5:07 minutes
Discover a pattern that explains why any non-zero number to the zero power equals one.

Whole number exponents with integer bases

Multiply negative numbers to evaluate exponential expressions with integer bases. Watch out for mischievous negative signs that aren't really part of the base!

Exponents with negative fractional bases

Practice evaluating exponents like negative one fourth to the third power.

Multiplying and dividing even and odd numbers of negatives

VIDEO 7:06 minutes
We can figure out whether multiplication and division problems give us a positive or negative result by thinking about how many negative numbers are used in the computation.

Patterns in raising 1 and -1 to different powers

VIDEO 6:08 minutes
Use odd and even rules to determine the sign of an exponential expression.

Thinking about the sign of expressions

VIDEO 8:39 minutes
Some examples that test our understanding of what happens when we multply or divided a bunch of positive or negative numbers.

Signs of products and quotients

Find the sign of challenging multiplication and division expressions.

Powers of zero

VIDEO 4:15 minutes
Any non-zero number to the zero power equals one. Zero to any positive exponent equals zero. So, what happens when you have zero to the zero power?