Constructing and slicing geometric shapes

3 videos
2 skills
In this, our last group of videos centered around 7th grade geometry concepts, let's practice constructing and deconstructing geometric shapes, but with constraints. You'll find these challenging but not too hard if you've been paying close attention.

Construct a right isosceles triangle

VIDEO 1:26 minutes
Can you build a triangle that is both a right triangle and an isosceles triangle?

Construct a triangle with constraints

VIDEO 3:59 minutes
Here's a challenge: in this problem we are given constraints and asked to construct a triangle. It can be done! You'll learn about degenerate triangles, too.

Constructing triangles


Slice a rectangular pyramid

VIDEO 3:30 minutes
What happens when you slice vertically into a rectangular pyramid? What kind of geometric shape results?

Slicing 3D figures