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just recently started a business producing cosmetic products made from natural ingredients she wants to advertise her products by distributing bags of samples in her neighborhood she calculated that it takes her two minutes to prepare each bag how many hours hours this interesting to give us minutes here now they want hours how many hours will it take to prepare 1200 bags of samples if she asks 7 friends to help her with her work so the one thing we could think about is how long would it take her to do it by herself so it takes it takes her by herself 2 minutes 2 minutes per bag and then we have 1200 bags 1200 bags not 12 bags 1200 bags 1200 bags which means it's going to take her 2 minutes per 12 for each of the 1200 bags well as 2 times 1200 is 2,400 2,400 minutes now that's a she was just working on it by herself but she's got seven friends and we can assume that they all would all take about two minutes to prepare each bag now this is a little bit tricky because you might want to divide this by seven saying hey we were gonna have seven times as many people but you remember she asks seven friends so there's actually eight people involved there's Jess and her seven friends so it's actually going to be eight times faster than if just did it by herself so we're going to divide this is if you only had one person if you're going to have eight people you are going to take eight times less time so with eight people it's going to be 2,400 divided by eight is 300 300 minutes and we're almost done except for the fact that they asked for our answer in terms of hours so 300 minutes is how many hours well you have 60 minutes per hour so you could say 300 minutes I'll just write min for short divided by 60 minutes per hour gives us 300 divided by 60 is five five hours so it will take Jess and her seven friends a total of eight people five hours to prepare all of her her sample bags