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Classifying shapes by lines and angles


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which shape matches all three clues so here we have three clues and we want to see which shape down below matches all three of these statements so let's start with the first clue the first clue says the shape is a quadrilateral quad meaning four-sided so looking down here at our shapes let's see which ones match that first clue shape one has one two three four sides so it is a quadrilateral shape two has one two three four sides so also a quadrilateral shape three has one two three four five six sides so it is not a quadrilateral it's a six-sided shape or a hexagon so we can rule that one out it doesn't match clue one so there's no way it can match all three clues and finally shape four has one two three four sides again so it is also a quadrilateral so after clue 1 we still have three possible answers this first shape the second shape and the fourth shape all match clue 1 they are all quadrilaterals looking at clue 2 says our shape has no right angles right angles are also 90-degree angles right angles are 90 degree angles and they look something like this and we often see them marked with a square in the middle because they are sort of like square angles we can create a square from the opening that they form that these angles form so this is a right angle looking now down at our shapes we can see right away on shape one has two right angles there is a square corner in another square corner so this has right angles but the shape we're looking for has no right angles so we can rule this shape out shape 2 does not have any right angles these are not squared corners and same will shape for no right angles so both of those still match both clues 1 & 2 so we have 2 shapes left they're both quadrilaterals and they have no right angles and finally our last clue the shape has 4 sides we knew that because it was a quadrilateral and those sides are of equal length that means each of the sides is the same length looking at this first one that we have left shape to it looks like these sides on the ends are shorter then the sides going up and down so it looks like they are not equal lengths so we can rule this one out but let's be sure this last one works here these sides the sides all look like they're the same length but the way we can know for sure that they are is these tick marks anytime you have these marks it's saying that any side that has the same amount of marks is the same length all four of these sides have exactly one tick mark so they are all equal in length so shape 4 matches all three clues it is a quadrilateral there are no right angles and it has four sides of equal length so shape 4 is our answer