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Writing numbers in words and standard form


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what were we to do in this video is get some practice writing reasonably large numbers in different ways so for example let's say we had this number and I'm going to not say it out loud on purpose so this number right over here what I want to do is think about how would I write this out in words and I encourage you to pause this video and try to figure that out on your own before we do it together and actually take out paper and actually write this out what would you how do you write this number well now we can do it together actually before I even write it out in words I'll write this out in a place value table because it might help us or it just helps us break down exactly what this number represents so just as a bit of a refresher if you're not familiar with place value tables you think of a column for the different place values and here we're going from the ones place all the way the tens hundreds thousands ten thousands so we're going to have a ten thousands place right over here we're going to have a thousands place right over here this is just an S here so ten thousands one thousands sometimes you'll see it written out this is the hundreds place this is the tens place and this is the ones place and so how many ten thousands do we have actually we'll start at the ones place how many ones do we have we see it right there we have five ones how many tens do we have we see it right there actually we have zero tens how many hundreds do we have we see it right there six hundreds how many thousands we'll go to the thousands place and we see we have two thousands and then how many ten thousands we have well let me see right there we have eight ten thousands so now let's now that we have this representation let's write it out in words and you don't have to do this every time but I'm just trying to make sure we see every possible way of thinking about it so you could say eight tens to thousands six hundreds and five ones but that's not exactly how people would say it out in words what is typical is that people would say 80 to thousands six hundred and five and so I'm gonna write it that way and when you write out in words the the standard way of doing it is actually put commas wherever you would put the the commas in this is right over here written in standard form so what we would do is we would express this part right over here as 82,000 let me write it out eighty eighty two eighty two thousand thousand and then put this comma there eighty-two thousand comma and then we have six hundred and then we have no tens so it's six hundred and five if there was a 110 here that only been six hundred and fifteen but this is just six hundred and five and so I will do it in a different color let's do it in this blue color so 82,000 and then six hundred six hundred five and we're done let's do another example so now I'm gonna write out a number in words and I want you to write it in standard form so the number is 50 thousand 50 thousand six hundred six hundred thirty one thirty one and I want you to write this in standard form so it's really just write it out as a number and put commas in the appropriate places pause this video and see if you can do that alright now let's do it together so this first part fifty thousand well we could just write that as actually let's put the place values out here so there's a ten thousands place this is a thousands place hundreds tens and ones so fifty thousand so fifty thousands you could write like this you could say that's five ten thousands or you could say this is fifty thousands then they say 631 so 600 well that's six hundreds right over here and then 31 that is 30 and one or three tens and one one three tens and one or 31 and of course you want to put your comma in the same place and you put your comma every three places so the first time you do it if you're moving from the right you put it between the hundreds and the thousands place so there you have it this is the same thing as fifty thousand six hundred and thirty one this is that number written in standard form