Place value

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In this tutorial we'll really dissect numbers to think about what they represent, including a number's place value(s) and how it is expressed in standard and composite form. Common Core Standards: 4.NBT.A.1 , 4.NBT.A.2

Finding a number's place value

VIDEO 2:25 minutes
When finding the place value of a particular number, it helps to write out exactly what the number means. Listen as we explain in this video.

Writing a number in standard form

VIDEO 4:09 minutes
Here's a BIG number that needs to be expressed in standard form. Can you do this example with us? I bet you can!

Writing a number in expanded form

VIDEO 5:20 minutes
What is the "expanded" form of a number? Take a big number and break it down to its ones, tens, hundreds, and other place values and you have expanded form. Not sure what we mean? No worries. We'll explain.

Place value

Identify the place-value of a digit. Rewrite a written number in numerals.

Comparing place values

VIDEO 2:30 minutes
When asked to compare the place values in a number, remember this simple fact: each step up in place value results in an increase of a factor of ten. Watch this great explanation and become a pro.

Understanding place value 1 exercise

VIDEO 3:29 minutes
Here we have a few example exercises in which we are asked to compare place values and determine which are larger or smaller, and by what factor of ten. Let's do it together.

Understanding place value

Recognize that in a multi-digit whole number, a digit in one place represents ten times what it represents in the place to its right.

Regrouping numbers intro various place values

VIDEO 2:34 minutes
Thinking about numbers as expressions of different place values is really helpful. In this example we'll look at regrouping a number by different place values.

Comparing whole number place values

VIDEO 1:31 minutes
Which number is bigger? Which number is smaller? Are they equal? Use your knowledge of place value to find the answer.

Creating the largest possible number

VIDEO 2:18 minutes
Taking numbers and moving them into different place values to create the highest (and lowest) numbers possible.

Understanding whole number representations

Identify what each digit in a multi-digit number represents.