Multistep word problems

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In this tutorial, we'll start to challenge you with more sophisticated multiplication and division word problems. If you understand mult-digit multiplication and long division, you have all the tools you need to tackle these. May the force be with you! Common Core Standard: 4.OA.A.3

Multiplication, division word problems: how many field goals?

VIDEO 2:59 minutes
It's time to start putting to practice the multiplication and division skills you've been building. Word problem fun!

Multiplication, division word problems: how many pieces of pizzas?

VIDEO 2:38 minutes
How many pizzas, pieces per pizza, and eaten pieces were there? Oh, the questions we must answer! It's enough to make you hungry.

Multi-step word problems with whole numbers

Solve multi-step word problems, including estimation. Select the equation that can be used to solve a word problem.