Comparing with multiplication

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In this tutorial, we look at multiplication and division through the lens of comparison. For example, say that you are 9 and 3 times older than your cousin. How old would your cousin be? Multiplying a number times 3 gets you to your age, 9. Can you figure out the answer? We'll go through several exercises together so you get enough practice to feel confident multiplying. By the way, memorizing your multiplication tables helps a lot!

Comparing with multiplication: ages and heights

VIDEO 4:57 minutes
You'll learn that sometimes multiplication is used as a way of comparing two things. In these 2 examples, we're comparing age and height.

Comparing with multiplication: money and distance

VIDEO 6:35 minutes
When comparing it's often helpful to start by using letters to represent numbers. Watch this video as we walk you through 2 examples involving money and distance.

Comparing with multiplication: basic exercises

VIDEO 2:17 minutes
If you think about it, multiplying is just another way of comparing numbers. How do we compare 4 and 20 using multiplication? Let's find out together.

Comparing with multiplication: age

VIDEO 2:39 minutes
Multiplication helps us compare ages. Hint: learn those multiplication tables. They really help on problems like these.

Comparing with multiplication: Ron and Hermione strength

VIDEO 1:10 minutes
You read that right! We're comparing the strength of Ron and Hermione using multiplication. Who said math has to be boring?

Comparing with multiplication

Rewrite multiplication equations as comparisons and comparisons as equations.

Comparing with multiplication word problems

Select the equation that can be used to solve a word problem.