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You know your multiplication tables and are getting the hang of basic division. In this tutorial, we will journey into the world of loooong division (sometimes, referred to as "long division", but that's not as much fun to say). After this tutorial, you'll be able to divide any whole number by a single digit number.

Dividing numbers: intro to long division

VIDEO 3:15 minutes
Division isn't magic. It's perfectly logical. In this example we'll do a long division problem together and find the resulting answer (without a remainder).

Dividing numbers: long division example

VIDEO 3:43 minutes
Have a go at this one on your own before listening to the solution. You're doing great and we believe in you!

Dividing by one-digit numbers (no remainders)

Divide two and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number.

Division using understanding of place value

VIDEO 8:04 minutes
Make division problems easier by thinking about place value and using the distributive property.

Division using place value understanding

Decompose three and four-digit dividends to divide them by a one-digit divisor.

Area models to visualize division using place value

VIDEO 8:18 minutes
We can break up big division problems into smaller, easier problems. In this video, we solve 268 divided by 2 and 856 divided by 8.

Dividing by one-digit numbers (visual models)

We can break up big division problems into smaller, easier problems.