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You know your multiplication tables and are getting the hang of basic division. In this tutorial, we will journey into the world of loooong division (sometimes, referred to as "long division", but that's not as much fun to say). After this tutorial, you'll be able to divide any whole number by a single digit number. You'll also see that sometimes things don't divide evenly and you'll be left with a remainder. The fun will not stop! Common Core Standard: 4.NBT.B.6

Dividing numbers: intro to long division

VIDEO 3:15 minutes
Division isn't magic. It's perfectly logical. In this example we'll do a long division problem together and find the resulting answer (without a remainder).

Dividing numbers: long division example

VIDEO 3:43 minutes
Have a go at this one on your own before listening to the solution. You're doing great and we believe in you!

Dividing numbers: intro to remainders

VIDEO 3:45 minutes
Do you like leftovers? (personally, we think they are delicious!). Those leftovers are like remainders in divisions problems. They're not bad. They just...are.

Dividing numbers: example with remainders

VIDEO 2:41 minutes
Let's work this division problem together. Our division is getting "longer" as the numbers get bigger, but that won't be a problem for you! Watch for the remainder.

Dividing numbers: long division with remainders

VIDEO 10:07 minutes
Here we go with more long division practice. Ever wonder why we call it "long" division? What's "long" about it, anyway?

Division with remainders

Divide 3-digit or 4-digits by 1 digit, with remainder.