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Area models to visualize multiplication

4 videos
2 skills
Most of us learn to multiply multi-digit numbers eventually, but only a select-few actually understand what the multiplication represents. This tutorial, with the help of grids and area models, will allow you to be part of this elite group. Common Core Standard: 4.NBT.B.5

Multiplying: 4 digits times 1 digit (using grid)

VIDEO 3:34 minutes
It's helpful sometimes to use a grid when multiplying multi-digit numbers. Here's an example using a 4 digit number times a 1 digit number.

Multiplying: 2 digits numbers (using distributive property)

VIDEO 6:58 minutes
This is a fun way to solve this multiplication problem. Putting the distributive property to work! Cool.

Multiplying: understanding by using area models

VIDEO 4:58 minutes
If you're like us, you're a visual learner. Seeing a multiplication problem visualized using an area model really helps. Check it out!

Multiplying: using an area model

VIDEO 8:47 minutes
Using graph paper we'll map out an area model to help us with a multiplication problem.