Converting larger units to smaller units

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Learn how convert from measurements in big units (like kilograms) to measurements in small units (like grams). For example, 2 kilograms is the same as 2000 grams.

How to convert hours to minutes and minutes to seconds

VIDEO 3:22 minutes
We want you to feel comfortable moving between seconds, minutes, and hours. Let's create some tables where we compare and covert these measurements of time.

How to convert feet to inches

VIDEO 0:51 minutes
Here's a practice example that gets us thinking about how change feet to inches. Will you get any feet of snow this winter? How many inches is that? Come on, snow days!

How to convert kilometers to meters and meters centimeters

VIDEO 2:37 minutes
Even if you live the U.S. don't assume that you won't use metric distance units. There are lots of situations where your knowledge of kilometers, for example, will come in handy.

How to convert gallons to quarts, quarts to pints, pints to cups, and cups to ounces

VIDEO 2:37 minutes
Moving easily between gallons, quarts, pints, cups, and fluid ounces makes you really valuable in a ton of different situations.

How to convert kilograms to milligrams and tons to ounces

VIDEO 4:24 minutes
We're converting kilograms to milligrams and tons to ounces. Let's do this example together.

Converting larger units to smaller units

Practice converting a measure to a smaller unit. Items include metric units, U.S. customary units, and units of time.