Visualizing equivalent fractions

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Do you want 2/3 or 4/6 of this pizza? Doesn't matter because they are both the same fraction. This tutorial will help us explore this idea by really visualizing what equivalent fractions represent. We'll also throw some word problems at you to get you thinking about how to solve real-life equivalent fraction problems. Common Core Standard: 4.NF.A.1

Intro to equivalent fractions

VIDEO 4:18 minutes
Ever had to share a pizza and got stuck with a smaller piece? Not fair! We're here to stand up for your delicious, hot EQUAL pizza slice. Watch.

Visualizing equivalent fractions

VIDEO 3:45 minutes
To understand equivalent fractions it helps to "see" the fractions using something like a grid with shaded and unshaded sections representing the fraction. This will help a ton!

More on equivalent fractions

VIDEO 4:54 minutes
Important: if you multiply a fraction's numerator and the denominator by the same number, you'll end up with an equivalent fraction. Got it? Maybe? No problem, we'll help!

Equivalent fractions

Find the numerator or denominator that will be make two fractions equivalent.  

Equivalent fraction word problem example

VIDEO 4:01 minutes
Your teachers will tell you that being able to apply (or put to use) concepts helps you to learn them better. Here's a word problem in which you have to apply your knowledge of equivalent fractions.

Equivalent fraction word problem example 2

VIDEO 2:01 minutes
How do you find an equivalent fraction? If you know the denominator of both fractions, and the numerator of one of can figure out the rest We'll show you in this word problem.

Equivalent fraction word problem example 3

VIDEO 4:15 minutes
We're comparing fractions using the info given in this word problem. Can you find the equivalent one?

Equivalent fraction word problem example 4

VIDEO 4:50 minutes
How may times have you been told, "Save your money!" We thought so. What if you wanted to save a fractional amount of your allowance? How would you go about figuring out how much to save?