Multiplying whole numbers and fractions

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Learn the art of multiplying whole numbers by fractions. See how 3 times 2/3 is the same as 6 times 1/3, which is the same as 6/3.

Conceptual understanding of multiplying fractions and whole numbers

VIDEO 4:06 minutes
Here we have a nice visual explanation of how a mixed number is really a multiplication of a fraction and a whole number.

Whole number and fraction multiplication concept

VIDEO 2:44 minutes
A mixed number is simply a whole number/fraction multiplication problem. Let us explain.

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers

Practice multiplying a whole number times a fraction.

Multiplying fractions and whole numbers intuition

Practice matching fraction diagrams to multiplication expressions.

Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers: Equivalent Expressions

Practice seeing how one whole-number-times-fraction problem is the same as another.